Working Online

I also offer Online therapy, by video call, as well as telephone appointments. 

You may be considering the option of working with me in this way. While some clients feel some understandable caution about this, there are many who feel comfortable with this. I am happy to be flexible: I have worked with clients only in-person, and have also worked with others exclusively online, or with clients who switch between the two because of their own schedules.

I have found there to be many advantages and benefits to online therapy. Especially since the pandemic, working online has become a popular and convenient way of seeking and accessing ongoing support. Possible advantages to online therapy include:

  • Research suggests online therapy is just as effective as working face-to-face
  • The relationship between client and therapist is unaffected 
  • Clients are not limited to choosing a therapist based on locality
  • It can save time and money due to not having to travel
  • Accessing therapy in the familiar surroundings of home can support a relaxed and safe environment
  • The same rules of confidentiality apply so you can be assured everything remains in strict confidence
  • Sessions can be attended from different locations, allowing further flexibility
  • This form of therapy can also be beneficial to those who work shifts or irregular hours

Online therapy follows the same structure and as face-to-face appointments. All you need is a quiet, private space and a stable internet connection.