About Me

Anthony Turi

I am a qualified psychotherapist with a great deal of therapy experience. I was originally Cambridge-educated, and am a fully qualified Psychotherapist, with a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Middlesex University and the Metanoia Institute in London.

I believe in being authentic with clients and seek to share my responses to what I hear. I work with clients on a broad range of issues; from a life-crisis when you need to talk to someone, to people who want to spend time exploring and discovering who they are and want to make lasting changes in areas of life they are stuck in, or clients who want to work on a more short-term issue over a shorter block of sessions.

I also have extensive experience of working in education and with children. This informs my approach in working with adults therapeutically, as I seek to enable clients to contact the ‘younger’ parts of themselves, on their way to becoming more fully integrated.

I support you to explore what is of interest to you and to increase your understanding and awareness of yourself. I believe who we are emerged as a response to the environment we faced in our past. Through understanding this, you can begin to reclaim parts of you that are important but might have been forgotten. My Gestalt approach includes the view that bodies hold a wealth of knowledge and when listened to can begin to melt old patterns which we may have carried since childhood.

I am able to help with immediate issues – resourcing you for challenges you might be facing right now – or to explore deeper / older issues, which may be colouring your life. Whether you are in crisis, or wish to work through the impact of past experiences, I respect your sense of what you need, and provide structured, emotional support.

Previous clients of mine have come for support with anxiety and depression; other issues I have experience with include loss, relationship difficulties, trauma.

You may have a clear sense of what you are facing, or a broader wish to explore yourself or feel more balanced and grounded where you are in your life. I have experience working with either approach to therapy and will work from where you wish to start.

I work with adults over 18. I am experienced in working remotely, by video call or telephone. I am supported by my own regular Supervision and abide by the UKCP ethical framework and code of practice.